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Tell us about the project (no more than 15 questions). Don't worry,questions are not technical, so anyone can answer. Most of the questions are optional, so If you are not sure just leave them, and we will do it for you.

Team & Costs

Each estimate is personalized for your team and costs you can carry. You can define price and skills level of your developers.


Get the final estimate of the whole project, suggested stages and their separate costs. gives you the solutions to keep your project without breaking the budget. You can download estimations as Excel files which contain timelines and lists of tasks. We use artificial intelligence and neural networks to make our estimates reliable. It takes less than 10 minutes.

How it works

You are flooded with requests for new projects. Customers usually don't know key details of the project. Very often the hidden details became an "ice berg" and delay your projects. Estimates burden your team - analysts, project managers, developers and salesmans. At the end, we get inaccurate estimate. You have spent tens of man-hours and the estimate is still not perfect. Hours are lost on estimation and you are still not sure if the customer will choose your offer.

The mission is an advanced IT projects estimation platform. We reduce time of the estimation to 10 mins. We are accurately as a system analyst. No IT background required to use it.

How the process looks like

  • Select all functionalities

  • enter data to the

    You are answering easy question. The hard ones are deduces from the context of a project

  • Present your offer to your customer

    After 10 minutes of work you are able to show the estimate to your customer. You can download estimate as an Excel file and modify before you send it to the customer

  • Save your time
    and money!


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Servers, UX, Graphic design and more...

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In return for feedback you can get free estimates


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